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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Police planning on increase in Outlaws, Hells Angels and Rock Machine activity

Peterborough, Ontario, (March 21, 2018) BTN — Peterborough Police Service anticipate the city will see an increase in Outlaw Motorcycle Club (OMC) activity this year.

“We’re kind of here for the picking right now,” says Peterborough police Insp. Larry Charmley, adding that the Outlaws, Hells Angels, Rock Machine and other motorcycle groups are looking for opportunities here.

“They are worldwide and want to take over territory.”

He says biker activity and representation began to increase in the fall of 2017 and will become more visible this spring.

“We do know that there has been Hell's Angels that have been in town, and the Rock Machine has also been around town so we suspect that we are going to see them here,” adds Charmley.

Peterborough Police say Outlaw Motorcycle gang activity is expected to pick up in 2018. The Outlaws on Park and Perry streets burned to the ground last March, but they have relocated to this clubhouse on Parkhill Road East. - Todd Vandonk/Metroland

According to sources, a recent drug bust involving city and Peterborough County OPP involved people associated with Hell's Angels.

Last March the former Outlaws clubhouse at the corner of Perry and Park streets burned to the ground in a suspected arson.

Charmley says the investigation is ongoing.

“You don’t get a lot of people wanting to talk to the police about what happened,” he says, adding he doesn't think the arson is a result of bikers fighting for turf.

The Outlaws has since moved to a less visible clubhouse located on Parkhill Road East.

There’s been little activity there accept at the end of last year when the clubhouse held a memorial for one of its members. He says the other criminal organizations haven’t officially set up shop in the city.

“Not a clubhouse but we are suspecting that can happen this year and that there could be another motorcycle club in town,” Charmley explains.

Source: Biker Trash Network

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Alleged Suicide Crew MC Member arrested over near miss of cop

Headingley, Manitoba, Canada (March 21, 2018) BTN  — An alleged full-patch member of a motorcycle club is in custody after the RCMP says one of its officers was almost hit by a passing motorist during a traffic stop near Winnipeg.

Police at Headingley say the Mountie was on traffic duty on the Perimeter Highway late last Saturday night and was standing beside an auto he had pulled over when he was nearly struck by another vehicle.

Officers went after it and noticed it was being driven erratically before coming to a stop.

During the arrest, police noted the male driver was wearing a biker vest from the Suicide Crew MC, and while at the detachment he refused to provide a breath sample and allegedly uttered threats and became combative.

Stephen McInnis, a 46-year-old Calgary resident, is facing charges that include impaired driving, uttering threats and assaulting a police officer.

McInnis was to appear in a Winnipeg courtroom on Wednesday.

SOURCE: Calgary Sun

Guns, drugs and cash seized in anti-bikie sting

Sydney, Australia (March 21, 2018) BTN — Drugs, guns, and cash were seized after police raided seven outlaw motorcycle club's linked properties across Canberra on Wednesday. A 35-year-old Evatt man was charged with firearm related offences as a result of the sting, which coincided with operations interstate as part of a national day of action targeting outlaw motorcycle clubs.

ACT police chief Justine Saunders said the raids showed bikies that the capital was a hostile jurisdiction and pledged to continue to push for tough new laws targeting criminal motorcycle clubs. The ACT hosts chapters of three major outlaw clubs, the Nomads, Comanchero, and Rebels.

A feud between the Nomads and Comanchero has been blamed for tit-for-tat violence, including drive-by shootings, in Canberra's south.

Nationally, Wednesday's day of action was led by Operation Morpheus, the national Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs taskforce, while the Canberra search warrants were conducted by ACT Policing bikie busting group Taskforce Nemesis.

Police said the raids across the capital uncovered three firearms, 270 rounds of ammunition, about 28 grams of a substance believed to be methylamphetamine, about 12 grams of a substance believed to be cocaine, and more $50,000 in cash, suspected to be proceeds of crime.

In Victoria, seven people were charged with a variety of offences and police seized motorcycles, drugs, cash, computers and more than $1 million-worth of alcohol. ACT deputy chief police officer crime Mark Walters said disrupting the illegal activities of criminal gangs was a priority for ACT Policing.

"This action is just one part of our ongoing efforts to disrupt and dismantle criminal gangs in our community," Commander Walters said.

"Taskforce Nemesis", supported by every ACT Policing officer, continues to focus on serious and organised crime and apply pressure to members of criminal gangs.

"We will continue to work collaboratively with our state, territory and Commonwealth partners to address the threats posed by criminal gangs."

Assistant Commissioner Justine Saunders said community safety was paramount and ACT Policing would continue to work with the ACT Government on laws to prevent and deter serious and organised crime and associated firearms related violence in the capital.

"Whilst I fully support the principles of the Human Rights Act that we operate under here in the ACT, I will continue to pursue legislative reform that is proportionate to the threat that serious and organised crime presents to our community," she said.

The 35-year-old Evatt man charged with firearms offences will appear before the ACT Magistrate's Court at a later date.

SOURCE: The Sydney Morning Herald