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Monday, October 24, 2016

No Escape

An unknown female seems to have the upper hand in this one

Police Watch Rebels MC National Meeting

Police out in force for Rebels MC  National Meeting

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA (October 21, 2016) Police from the ACT's outlaw motorcycle group and the AFP's National Anti-gang Squad will be out in very large numbers this weekend monitoring the Rebels MC annual meeting in Canberra for any illegal activity.

A series of small groups of Rebels club members rolled into Fyshwick on Friday ahead of their national meeting at their Wollongong Street club house on Saturday.

While ACT Police would not say how many officers would be on the streets for the meeting, members of the Taskforce Nemesis, traffic, general duties and specialist response teams were given a watching brief for the weekend.

Police making their presence known among the Rebels MC

A police spokeswoman said they would be monitoring for any intimidating, anti-social or illegal activity, and ensuring Rebels members were compliant with road transport laws.

She said police were not expecting any disruptions to traffic over the weekend, but people may see small groups of Rebels "riding around the Capital over the weekend". 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Black Pistons MC leader sentenced to jail

Black Pistons MC leader sentenced to jail for Drug Operation

SAINT CHARLES, CANADA (October 12, 2016) The head of the Black Pistons motorcycle club, described by family as “kind and compassionate,” will spend over seven years in jail for his role in a large drug smuggling operation.

While Judge Joseph Henderson noted Randy McGean has a strong and supportive relationship with his family, he said the father of three was a leader in a conspiracy to bring large quantities of heroin and marijuana into Niagara and should face a harsh penalty.

“Heroin has been described as a pernicious, dangerous, highly-addictive drug that often ruins the lives of those who use it,” the judge said Wednesday in a Superior Court of Justice in St. Catharines.

The judge said McGean was not a drug addict himself, but someone out to make a profit.

The 45-year-old was sentenced to 11 years behind bars but was given credit for the 1,000-plus days he had spent in pre-trial custody. Once the pre-trial custody was factored in to the sentence, he was left with a seven-year, one-month jail term.

Materials seized by police during Project Resurgence, a 2013 shake down of MC's in Niagara.

During an earlier court appearance, McGean was convicted on eight charges including trafficking in cocaine and heroin, conspiracy to traffic, and weapons-related charges that involved a taser and a switchblade knife.
Federal prosecutor Tanit Gilliam had sought a 14-year sentence, saying it was an appropriate disposition for someone like McGean, who has an extensive criminal record including four previous drug convictions.

McGean and a number of other individuals were arrested following a seven-month Niagara Regional Police investigation dubbed Project Resurgence. Items seized included $70,000 in cash, $150,000 worth of vehicles, marijuana with a potential street value of $18 million, $30,000 in heroin and some weapons.

The Black Pistons had set up a clubhouse at 80 Page St. in St. Catharines. Some of its members were preparing to be patched over as full-fledged members of the Outlaws, another motorcycle club.

Monday, October 3, 2016