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Friday, June 7, 2019

Dutch Bans No Surrender MC

Utrecht, Netherlands (June 7, 2019) BTN — On Friday the court in Assen banned No Surrender MC in the Netherlands, ruling that the motorcycle club poses a danger to public order. No Surrender is the fourth motorcycle club to be banned in the Netherlands, after the Hells Angels MC, Satudarah MC and the Bandidos MC.

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"A large number of members of No Surrender are or have been structurally involved in numerous serious crimes", the court said in its verdict, NOS reports. The ruling also mentions intimidation, public violence, extortion, unauthorized possession of weapons, drug trafficking, and arms trafficking.

The judge considered it proven that the club management has an "important steering role in committing and facilitating criminal offenses". The ban applies to all No Surrender chapters and brotherhoods, because they are not independent due to the strongly hierarchical structure of the motorcycle club.

No Surrender has allegedly been  linked to various crimes in the Netherlands, including death threats made against the mayor of Haarlem. The club's founder Klaas Otto was sentenced to six years in prison last year for extortion, assaulting and threatening two car dealers, and laundering 1.3 million euros.

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was banned last week. The Public Prosecutor argued that there is a culture of violence within the club that endangers society and the rule of law. The court agreed. Satudarah MC was banned last year. The court ruled that Satudarah was guilty of activities that violate public order "in a way that disrupts or may disrupt society".

The Bandidos MC was banned in 2017, with the judge ruling that the club poses a risk to public order.

SOURCE: Nl Times

Thursday, October 25, 2018

No Surrender MC: Founder gets six years in prison

Breda, Netherlands (October 25, 2018) BTN — The founder of the No Surrender motorcycle club has been jailed for six years for assault, extortion and making threats, as well as laundering €1.3 million. Klaas Otto left one of his victims with permanent injuries and threatened to cut off his children’s ears, the district court in Breda heard.

The 51-year-old told another victim that his wife would be raped by members of his club if he refused to pay up. ‘He used the threat of severe violence to force his victims to hand over large sums of money and cars,’ judges said in passing sentence. The court said there was an ‘atmosphere of menace’ surrounding Otto, who denied all charges against him.

Several alleged victims refused to testify because they feared reprisals, but the court found Otto guilty of threatening and mistreating two car dealers. The sentence was lower than the 10 years demanded by prosecutors, partly because the court decided other charges including arson and letting off a hand grenade had not been proven. Judges also took account of the fact that Otto had been the target in a shooting incident and had been detained in custody for 18 months on a charge of threatening a prosecutor, which the court decided was not supported by the evidence.

His incarceration was ‘too long and too severe,’ the court decided. The prosecution service said last December it would seek a nationwide ban on No Surrender similar to the one imposed on rival motorcycle clubs Saturadah and Bandidos.

SOURCE: Dutch News