Saturday, February 27, 2016

Two identified as Hells Angels facing charges

Hells Angels Back Patch

Canton, Ohio Feb. 27, 2016 - Local officials say the Hells Angels, Pagans and Outlaws are active in Northeast Ohio but have a limited presence in Stark County.

Local men identified as Hells Angels members are facing several criminal charges, accused of having machetes, knives and other weapons at the biker clubs’s New Jersey gathering.

Canton resident Justin D. Morris, Massillon resident Kerry K. Kester and two other Northeast Ohio men are accused of stowing the weapons in a car trunk Aug. 22, according to a news release from the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey. Officials observed their actions in the parking lot of a restaurant — the site of an “End of Summer Bash” hosted by the Hells Angels of Newark, New Jersey.

The news release identifies the men as Hells Angels members, but a spokesman from the prosecutor’s office did not elaborate on their ties to the organization.

Surveillance was conducted by New Jersey State Police, Clinton and Readington township police and the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office Gangs, Guns and Narcotics Task Force.

The prosecutor’s office reported that Kester rented the Chevy Malibu involved in the traffic stop and arrest in Clinton Township, which is about 50 miles west of New York City. He is charged with one count of possession of a prohibited weapon, 12 counts of unlawful possession of a weapon and 13 counts of certain persons not to possess a weapon, having previously been convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Morris is charged with 10 counts of unlawful possession of a weapon.

Joshua R. Woods, of Akron, is charged with one count of unlawful possession of cocaine and 12 counts of unlawful possession of a weapon.

Rocco P. Gullatta, of Aurora, is charged with one count of unlawful possession of methamphetamine, 11 counts of unlawful possession of a weapon, and 11 counts of certain persons not to possess a weapon, having previously been convicted of attempted murder.

They were indicted by a grand jury in December and were scheduled to appear in court Friday for a status hearing, according to the prosecutor’s office.

TJ Legg, the attorney representing Morris in New Jersey, declined to comment.

Anthony Iacullo, who is representing Kester in New Jersey, did not return messages seeking comment.


Local officials say the Hells Angels, Pagans and Outlaws are active in Northeast Ohio but have a limited presence in Stark County.

“None of the major outlaw motorcycle clubs has an official chapter here or clubhouse here at this time, but there are people that are present that live here and are part of other chapters or charters,” said Mark McMurtry, special agent with the Canton FBI office.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Vintage Police Car

Righteous Chopper and Vintage Police Car...all in one photo

She likes leather

Biker Babe on a Harley Sportster

Vagos and Mongols

Vagos and Mongols sharing a common interest....Motorcycles

Cossacks MC member asks appeals judge to intervene

Members being held after Waco Massacre

Texas -February 26, 2016
A man indicted in the fatal shooting between bikers and police outside a Waco, Texas, restaurant nearly a year ago said he is entitled to a speedy trial and asked a state court of appeals to order a local judge to set a date, according to court documents.

Scene of Biker Massacre in Waco, Texas

Cody Ledbetter, a Cossacks motorcycle club member charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and who watched his stepfather die in the shooting, argued that nine months have passed since his arrest and that he is entitled to a speedy trial. He added that he would not enter a plea, so the case would either have to be dismissed or go to trial. The filing was made late Thursday with the 10th Court of Appeals in Waco.

District Judge Ralph Strother in December scheduled Ledbetter’s trial for May 31, but less than a month later, postponed it indefinitely. The request for the court of appeal’s intervention comes weeks after another local judge in Waco postponed a trial for one of 186 people arrested after the shooting. No one among those arrested has been given a date for trial.

The investigation is ongoing and not all of the evidence, including forensic testing, has been analyzed, McClennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna said in a January motion to delay the Feb. 29 trial of another man arrested in the melee, Matthew Clendennen. It could take a year for the firearm DNA analysis alone to be completed, Reyna said.

During a pretrial hearing earlier this month, District Judge Matt Johnson did not grant the state’s motion for a delay but effectively postponed the trial by scheduling a hearing for April 1 to consider Clendennen’s motion for a change of venue. Clendennen had argued that pretrial publicity would taint the jury pool.

The district court judge also ordered the state to turn over evidence from a federal sting operation that led to the January indictment of top officers of the Bandidos motorcycle club.

Nine people were killed and 20 people were injured in an apparent confrontation last May between the Bandidos and Cossacks motorcycle clubs and police.

The gunfire had erupted shortly before a meeting of a coalition of motorcycle clubs that says it advocates for rider safety.

Evidence reviewed by The Associated Press shows that four of the dead were shot by the rifles police use.

A grand jury indicted Ledbetter along with 105 others in November, all on the charge of engaging in organized criminal activity. Prosecutors haven’t yet presented the remaining cases.

Source: Dallas News

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Vagos MC

Rolling along

Safest Baby in the World

Centurions MC

Centurions MC

James "Dago" Marchellino 9/17/57-2/24/16

September 4, 1957 - February 24, 2016

James "Dago" Marchellino, a member of the Sons of Silence MC for over 36 years died Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, IA.

Funeral Service for 58 year old James "Dago" Marchellino of Kimballton will be held at 2pm on Saturday, February 27 at the Hausbarn Conference Center in Manning.  Dago passed away on Tuesday, February 23 at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines.  He is survived by his wife, Dale Marchellino of Carroll; 2 daughters:  Jami (Mark) Fite of Baseshore, KS and Megan Marchellino of Iowa City; and his Mother, Dorothy Hansen of Kimballton.

The Ohde Funeral Home in Kimballton is in charge of arrangements.  Friends may call from 10am until time of service on Saturday at the Hausbarn Conference Center in Manning.

Respects to the Aging Rebel for an excellent write up about his life. 
Read his article at: James "Dago" Marchellino


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Outlaws MC loses appeal to return Colors

Outlaws MC Illinois at a Motorcycle Event

CHICAGO, ILL 2/24/2016
Leather vests and colors confiscated after a bar fight do not have to be returned to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, appeals judges have ruled.

RELATED STORY: Outlaws MC still seeks return of leather Vest

The ruling from the 2nd District Appellate Court in Elgin, delivered by Justice Mary Seminara-Schostok, was in line with that of a McHenry County judge, who found the vests and patches to be "contraband in that they were used by members of the Outlaws to facilitate street-gang activity," court documents say.

Several people affiliated with the group were wearing the vests when they were involved in a bar fight at the Lizard Lounge outside Wonder Lake in 2012.

Joel Rabb, an attorney for the Outlaws, has long said the group is a civic organization, not a gang, and that the vests were incidental to the bar fight. He said, “Wearing the vest in and of itself is not a crime,”

This leather vest will be held as contraband, a McHenry County judge ruled

But appeals judges cited testimony from a detective that they said "demonstrated that the Outlaws wore their vests and would resort to violence to recruit members and to show others that they were not to be 'messed with.' "

"In this regard," the appeals judges added, "wearing the vests facilitated the defendants' goal, to be achieved by violent means if necessary, to show their dominance to others."

"Obviously, we are disappointed with the court's determination," Rabb said.

The four Outlaws members who were arrested had their cuts confiscated when they were arrested.  
The "plea deal" was for the criminal charge only & had nothing to do with the case about the vests. In other words, the Law already had their cuts in their possession & fought hard to keep them.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Iron Order dis-invited to Four Corners Motorcycle Rally

Iron Order dis-invited to Four Corners Motorcycle Rally

It appears that the Iron Order's unwelcome mat at motorcycle events is picking up momentum. The latest event for them is the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally. Started in 1993 it has grown to an anticipated 38,000 attendees for this September with many coming from Denver, Albuquerque, Phoenix and North Texas.

But due to recent violence at several Motorcycle Events involving the Iron Order, it now appears that they have decided not to attend this years event even though they were active with several fundraising events and are listed as "Friends of the Rally" on their website. And so it goes.

Devils Henchmen MC

Devils Henchmen MC gathering

Promoter asks Iron Order to stay away from Colorado biker events

 Iron Order members rounded up for safety following shooting

Denver, Colorado - 2/23/2015

The organizer of events that draws motorcyclists to southern Colorado have asked a cop motorcycle club to stay away after they were involved in a fatal brawl in Denver.

Jim Wear, president of Pro Promotions Inc., said he asked the Iron Order to accept a voluntary ban to the company's motorcycle events in Cripple Creek and Colorado Springs as a safety precaution.

The club has agreed to do so, said John Whitfield, a lawyer for the Iron Order. "We are trying to be reasonable. We have got a right to go, but the reasonable and safe thing to do right now is agree not to go," he said.

Members of the Iron Order were involved in a deadly brawl at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver Jan. 30 that ended with a member of the Mongols MC shot to death, and seven other men shot or stabbed.

Denver police say a Colorado Department of Corrections officer who is a member of the Iron Order fired a shot during the fight.

The Mongols MC and Iron Order blame each other for starting the brawl.

So far no one has been charged in connection with the fatal fight.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Photo Op Daytona

Photo from Iron Horse Daytona 1985 issue 

They are all obviously posing for the camera as some Biker Trash grabs this cops gun. If this were in today’s society there would be a fucking lynch mob all over the News and Social Media calling for this cop to be fired for his action. Sadly, our society is so much different than it was 30 years ago when we were drinking, fighting, clubbing, riding, and just being who we are. Our world is made up of offended, whining, bitching ass pussies. Don’t be a bitching ass pussy.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Lone Chopper Rider

A Chopper Rider at the Waupun State Prison in Waupun Wisconsin for a Motorcycle Show

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Colorado Military officials consider banning Iron Order

 Photo: Staff Sgt. Gregory Brook/Air Force
William Dulaney, a professor at the Air Force Command and Staff College, poses on his Harley in front of an HH-53 Super Jolly Green Giant static display at Maxwell Air Force Base.

 Colorado - February 5, 2016
Army officials in Colorado say they're considering placing the Iron Order — one of the fastest-growing motorcycle clubs in the country, and particularly popular among military and law enforcement personnel — on an off-limits list of extremist groups and criminal gangs in the wake of a deadly biker brawl in Denver.

“After what happened this weekend, it is definitely under review,” said Lt. Col. Jason Brown, a spokesman for Fort Carson’s 4th Infantry Division.

One man was killed and several others critically injured when dozens of bikers from the Iron Order and Mongol motorcycle clubs collided in a gun and knife fight at a Saturday swap meet in downtown Denver last Saturday.

About half of the Iron Order bikers involved in the brawl were military veterans from the Colorado area, according to a top leader in the club.

The Mongols are among about seven dominant “Outlaw” motorcycle clubs, also known as “1-Percenters” in the biker world and recognizable by the three-piece patches they wear. Self-described as the “baddest 1%er motorcycle club known worldwide” — the Mongols have long had a reputation as one of the most violent gangs in the country and are considered off limits to military personnel by most commands.

The Iron Order is a relative newcomer, started in 2004 by a former Secret Service agent, but growing rapidly. One expert told Military Times the law enforcement-heavy Iron Order has a reputation for starting a fight then being the first to call police. The club's attorney, however, says members of the charitable organization don't want any trouble because they have important careers on the line.

Both the attorney and a report by federal investigators say violence often stems from the Iron Order's choice to wear a certain style of patch.

“The Iron Order is one of the fastest growing motorcycle clubs in the United States,” according to a 2014 Justice Department report. “Members wear a traditional three-piece patch with a State bottom rocker. The fact that they wear the State bottom rocker has infuriated the [Hells Angels Motorcycle Club], Outlaws, Iron Horsemen, Pagans and Bandidos. More importantly, many of their members are police and corrections officers, active-duty military and/or government employees and contractors.”

‘Hold off’

Fort Carson officials say the Iron Order is not on the post’s list of off-limits groups but could be soon as part of the command’s regular assessments with local law enforcement leaders.

“I can guarantee it will be part of that conversation,” Brown said.

Budweiser In A Can

Tossing Back A Few Warm Ones

Biker Babe

Biker Babe : El Forastero MC

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mongols MC - GoFundMe Pages

Condolence To The Mongols Nation For Their Loss

As a courtesy & respect for ALL legit MC's, here are the two "GoFundMe" Pages that we know about for the Mongols MC members involved with the IOMC pukes in Denver.

Mongol MC Member Hercules

From his GoFundMe Site:

"Brother Hercules is in ICU from injuries sustained going above and beyond for his brother's. Hercules is the toughest bro, but we are going to need help with the expenses accrued during this rough time. Anything helps and all is appreciated ML&R MFFM".

His Donation Page: www.gofundme.com/hercdajerk

Mongol MC Member Nubz

From his GoFundMe Site:

 "As many of you know we lost a brother yesterday unexpectedly. He was more than a brother to all of us and gave his life to protect ours. We are putting this together to raise money for his family and a proper burial. Donate what you can to help us help this brother and his family."

His Donation Page: www.gofundme.com/Nubzmffm

Mongols MC Killer On Paid Leave

 People exit the Denver Motorcycle Expo after shooting

The club that fought the Iron Order during a Motorcycle show in Denver say their members acted in self-defense during the brawl that left 1 person dead and 7 others shot, stabbed and/or beaten.

A member of the Mongols MC was killed when he tried to disarm an Iron Order puke who was pointing a gun at a crowd, Las Vegas attorney Stephen Stubbs said Thursday in the latest salvo in the clubs' ongoing dispute over who sparked the fight.

Victor Mendoza, 46, charged toward the gunman and was shot, Stubbs said during what he described as the Mongols' first-ever press conference, held at a VFW hall. Two Mongols who refused to speak or give their names flanked him.

Stubbs had no comment about the 7 others hurt during the Saturday brawl at the Colorado Motorcycle Exposition, where other MC’s from around the country gathered.

Iron Order's lawyer, John C. Whitfield, said a Colorado Department of Corrections officer who belongs to his club opened fire during the brawl in self-defense after its members were jumped by a group of Mongols. Stubbs' account makes absolutely no sense, he said.

Iron Order's members are composed of mostly of law enforcement officers, prison guards and military personnel that get a kick playing weekend biker then go back to their regular jobs during the week.

As of yet no charges have been filed and the Denver cops would not comment on either side's story of the fight, saying that detectives were still interviewing people involved. They have said more than 1 person opened fire, and they were analyzing more than 1 gun to determine who fired the fatal shot.

"Running to the top of the stairs, pointing a gun at a crowd below, and shooting an unarmed man that bravely tries to disarm you cannot be self-defense," Stubbs said.

He also added, "If you are an unarmed man that is charging some intoxicated lunatic at the top of the stairs that is waving a gun at a crowd of people, that is definitely self-defense."

Corrections officer and Iron Order member Derrick Duran was put on paid leave while authorities investigate his story. He did not immediately return calls seeking comment Thursday.

Stubbs called Mendoza a dedicated family man that sacrificed his life trying to save others.

Others involved in the brawl have not been identified.

Yep, how we feel

Don't know about anyone else, but ACAB..

El Forastero MC

The El Forastero M C was founded in Sioux City, Iowa in 1962 by Tom Fugle and Harlan “Tiny” Brower,

The motorcycle club’s name of El Forastero means “The Outsider” in Spanish. The members predominantly ride Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Monday, February 1, 2016

National Council of Clubs Responds

Suspect Holding Gun

Reprint from the National Council Of Clubs Website | by David "Double D" Devereau

Feb, 1st 2016 - National Council of Clubs Responds to Denver Motorcycle Expo Shooting

Press Release From The National Council Of Clubs

RE: Colorado Motorcycle Expo Shooting

Colorado - The National Council of Clubs, an organization dedicated to protecting the political and legal interests of hundreds of motorcycle clubs and thousands of their members nationwide, is issuing the following statement related to Saturday’s shooting at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver:

Various media sources have reported that a confrontation between two motorcycle clubs, the Mongols and the Iron Order, resulted in at least one confirmed dead and at least 7 injured during the Colorado Motorcycle Expo Saturday, January 30th. The National Council of Clubs is deeply disturbed by such unnecessary acts of violence at any event, particularly one as well supported by the community over the years as the Colorado Motorcycle Expo, the largest indoor motorcycle swap-meet in the country.

 Council of Clubs attorney Wade Eldridge was present at the expo and in fact witnessed much of the confrontation. Mr. Eldridge says that he was present when he saw a crowd of Mongols and Iron Order, approximately a total of 20-30 individuals, gather inside the expo. According to Eldridge there was yelling and a verbal argument ensuing.

  Shooting Suspect Holding Gun

Mr. Eldridge then heard a gunshot. He saw an Iron Order member holding a handgun in his right hand with his right arm extended. According to Eldridge, he heard people shouting, “Put your gun away”. The Iron Order member then dropped his arm and pointed his weapon at the ground, says Eldridge. Eldridge says he reported what he saw to authorities on the scene. Eldridge then called 911 and reported what he saw.

Eldridge’s account is validated by this photo taken by a Council of Clubs participant that happened to be present when the conflict began. This photo was taken following the first shot fired, the source says. The photo shows a member of the Iron Order moving away from the crowd holding a gun in his right hand.

The gun is pointed forward. Eldridge has confirmed that the man in this photo is the same man he saw with a gun extended in his right hand. Eldridge says this man “is the same guy I saw.” This is also the same man identified by eyewitnesses, as reported by many media sources, as the member of the Iron Order that was questioned by police following the shooting.

 Shooting Suspect On Cell Phone

In another photo provided by the same Council of Clubs participant, this same man, following the shooting, is pictured with another Iron Order member (who appears to be posing) and two law enforcement officers. He is not in handcuffs and is in fact being allowed to use a cell phone even though he is suspected of firing shots.

Stephen Stubbs, an attorney for the Mongols Motorcycle Club, stated that members of the Iron Order is predominately made up of police officers and taunted members of the Mongols into an argument that escalated into violence that led to the fatal shooting of a Mongols member.

John C. Whitfield, a lawyer and Iron Order member, confirmed to the Denver Post that Iron Order members include L.E.O.’s. Relating to this specific shooting, Whitfield told the Denver AP, “a Colorado Department of Corrections officer fired his gun during a weekend brawl at a Denver motorcycle show that left one dead and seven others injured.”

The Iron Order Motorcycle Club has been involved in a laundry list of confrontations around the country with other motorcycle clubs that have resulted in violence or death. For example, on June 26, 2014 Florida State Attorney Angela Corey refused to charge Iron Order prospect Kristopher Stone after he shot and killed Black Pistons patch holder Zachariah Tipton in Jacksonville Beach. Corey outrageously ruled the killing was justifiable homicide even though the Iron Order member shot the unarmed Black Pistons motorcycle club member in the face while only a few feet apart.

Iron Order members have not been held accountable for any of the violence or killings that they have been involved in. So far, the same holds true for the incident in Colorado. Police have told the Denver AP that “they have made no arrests and a Department of Corrections spokeswoman did not immediately return calls for comment.”

The Iron Order, which is an off-duty law enforcement officer based motorcycle club, is identified by the ATF to be an “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.” (See, The ATF Report on OMG’s and the Military, 2014)

The Council of Clubs has obtained and reviewed intelligence that confirms that the Iron Order repeatedly diminishes the relationship between law enforcement and the community they are intended to serve and protect.

According to a 1% club member that was present and has attended the expo for the past 15 years, “There has never been a confrontation, so much as a fistfight. And many 1% organizations have attended including the Hells Angels, Sons of Silence, Bandidos, Outlaws, Mongols, and many others. There has never been a problem until a law enforcement club showed up. Never. It would be against an unwritten code.”

The Council of Clubs believes that law enforcement clubs involved in confrontations with motorcycle clubs are completely inconsistent with the intended mission of law enforcement and should not be condoned or protected by professional law enforcement and other government officials from culpability.

According to another member of a 1% motorcycle club present at the expo, “local and federal authorities that responded to the incident acted in a professional and respectful manor. Authorities contained the crime scene and did not harass or detain members of other motorcycle clubs that were present. Major 1% clubs evacuated the area to allow law enforcement to do their job. Although the expo was later canceled, initially the owner of the venue and law enforcement authorities invited uninvolved clubs back to the expo.”

The National Council of Clubs has a heightened concern with the general demeanor of some law enforcement member motorcycle clubs. The repeated public displays of violence by members of the Iron Order, combined with the conflict they infuse within society, as compared to the intended mission of law enforcement, should be a concern to all citizens, professional law enforcement and government officials everywhere.

The National Council of Clubs will continue to access information related to this incident and will stand by, ready for further comment.

  NEWS SOURCE: National Council Of Clubs

Contact Information:
All inquiries should be emailed to media@councilofclubs.org and addressed to:

David Devereaux- Spokesperson  -OR-

Jerry Theophilopoulos- Legal Counsel

Getting Along

Gathering of Clubs getting along at a run. Photo Credit: Pulsating Paula

The Real Deal

A Biker sits on his custom Panhead Chopper, obviously surrounded by some envious fuckers