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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Warlocks MC original member “Grub” dead

Lexington, South Carolina (March 5, 2019) BTN — Thomas “Grub” Freeland, Jr., a founder of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club as died. Freeland was born in Graceville, Florida in 1948. Shortly thereafter his family moved to Lockhart, Florida. From that point on he would say "I am just a little boy from Lockhard, Florida". He attended Lockhart Elementary and Junior High School. He was a junior fireman for Lockhart's Volunteer Fire Department.

 His school days ended at Maynerd Evans High School when he decided to go see what else life had to offer. He joined the Navy at 17. He spent 29 months on the USS Shangri-La where he was a ship fitter. His second Med cruise was cut short by orders to Vietnam.

In 1968 he landed in Saigon and reported onboard the USS Tutillia which was stationed in the Republic of South Vietnam. His 9 months in-country was served working on river water patrol boats as part of The Brown Water Navy.

By the time he got home he had been to 27 countries, fought a war and went 3/4 of the way around the world. While serving on the USS Shangri-La he became one of the original 13 members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club.

When his tour in Vietnam was over he went home and started the Lockhart chapter of the Warlocks. It became known as The Mother Chapter.

Over 50+ years later the Warlocks MC has become international and is known the world over. His brothers in the club gave him the name Grub. He enjoyed cooking and they were relieved they didn't have to. Grub was always spelled with one "b".

He was quick to point this out and did not tolerate any other nicknames or assumptions. It was Grub because he cooked and it was spelled with one B- period. Got that! During his life Grub owned and rode over 30 Harley Davidson's.

His love for Harley's which he called Davidsons never ended. He was also known to call them "The Big Iron". He was often heard saying, "Let's put the Big Iron in the wind." He took his own advice and rode to damn near every state with his club's Bird on his back.

While not a fan of organized religion he did believe in a higher power. His belief led to his love for his wife, family, club and country.

He was very proud to have all of these in his life. He spent a major part of his life enjoying hunting and fishing. Later in life he said he head earned the right to only hunt at Publix and fish at Red Lobster.

While he was always an old Lockhart country boy at heart, once he had all he could take of Mickey Mouse his father's home state became his own. But even before that South Carolina was always a big part of his life. 

He truly believed he was blessed to experience a life which many do not get the opportunity to.

He is survived by his wife, Cindy Freeland; a son, Thomas Morton Freeland III (Trey); and a grandson. His sister, Fran (David) Strawn and brother, Mike (Cathy) Freeland and numerous nieces and nephews. Lastly he will always be survived by his huge Warlock family.

He is predeceased by his father Tom, mother Jimmie and sister Beth. Grub now rides with his Warlock Brothers in the final chapter. Family will receive friends Saturday, March 23rd 2019 at Thompson Funeral Home of Lexington from 10:00 am to noon with ride to follow to graveside services at Plum Branch Baptist Church Cemetery in Plum Branch, SC.

Family and friends may sign the online guest book at www.thompsonsfuneral.com and to view full obituary.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Mongols MC: Rat brags how he gained trust with members

Santa Ana, California. (November 2, 2018) BTN — A veteran federal agent who spent years undercover after infiltrating the Mongols Motorcycle Club offered his first-hand account Thursday of a secretive culture of violence and intimidation during testimony in an ongoing federal racketeering trial.

The three years that Darrin Kozlowski and three other U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Officers spent embedded in the outlaw motorcycle club already has led to guilty pleas from 77 members of the Mongols. 

Now, the since-retired special agents’ efforts are at the center of the government’s attempts to seize legal control over the Mongols’ trademark name, a move that would bar the bikers from wearing the patches that now adorn their vests.

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During a federal trial in Santa Ana this week, prosecutors have portrayed the Mongols as a criminal organization that encourages and rewards members who take part in violent, at-times deadly assaults, including riots in Laughlin, Nev. and a melee at the Morongo Casino in Cabazon near Palm Springs in 2002, and violent attacks in bars or restaurants in more recent years in Hollywood, Pasadena, Merced, La Mirada, Wilmington and Riverside.

Kozlowski, who previously infiltrated a Hollywood chapter of the Vagos motorcycle club and an East Coast chapter of the Warlocks motorcycle club, worked his way up the ranks of the Cypress Park chapter of the Mongols between 2005 and 2008, adopting the persona of “Dirty Dan” and telling other members of the club that he had Mafia ties fostered while growing up in Chicago.

It was a risky move, Kozlowski acknowledged during his testimony, particularly since he had already infiltrated one outlaw motorcycle club in Southern California. A photo of Kozlowski had also been printed in a book written by William Queen, a since-retired ATF agent who had infiltrated the Mongols years earlier, and whose work was well known throughout the motorcycle gang.

Kozlowski testified to buying crystal methamphetamine from several members of the Mongols, to being present for several brawls in clubs or parking lots, to helping members legally barred from having firearms hide their guns and to being told that other members of the club that they had killed members of the Hells Angels, whose bloody rivalry with the Mongols dates back to the 1970s.

“Members would often talk about doing things to elevate themselves within the Mongols by doing these acts of violence,” Kozlowski said. “It was talked about as a badge of honor.”

Kozlowski said some members of the motorcycle club were initially suspicious of him and the other undercover agents, forcing them to take polygraph tests before being allowed to join. He described for jurors the inner workings of the club, including detailing the various patches members can acquire for a variety of actions, from assaults and even murders of rivals to explicit sexual conquests.

To bolster his false identity, Kozlowski said he once offered to fly his chapter president to Chicago for a tour of what he claimed were his childhood neighborhoods. The chapter president unexpectedly accepted the invitation, Kozlowski testified, and law enforcement officials were forced to set up a dinner in Chicago with other agents posing as Italian organized crime bosses who told the Mongols leader they had worked with Kozlowski on past criminal endeavors.

There were several times Kozlowski said he believed the other Mongols were on the verge of realizing he was a law enforcement officer. He recalled once entering the home of Mongols leadership to see several members holding Queen’s book and looking at the photographs, and immediately believing he had been set up before realizing it was simply a coincidence. The president of his chapter eventually saw the photo of Kozlowski in the book, and had to be convinced it wasn’t him.

“Why would a member of the ATF who infiltrated the Vagos in this area come back and be a member of the Mongols?” Kozlowski testified about telling his chapter president.

Attorney Joseph Yanny, who is representing the Mongols, has acknowledged that members of the club broke the law, but told jurors that those individuals had been kicked out for their actions. On other occasions, Yanny told jurors, the club members acted in self-defense or were induced into drug deals by undercover agents.

Kozlowski testified that during his time with the motorcycle club he never saw anyone kicked out for illegal behavior, including individuals convicted of felonies. Prosecutors have previously indicated that if they are successful in their efforts to gain legal control over the Mongols’ trademark, they could literally take the jacket off the bikers backs anywhere in the country. The club traces its roots to Montebello in the 1970s.

U.S. District Judge David O. Carter, who is presiding over the trial, was angered late Thursday morning when four bikers, including one wearing sunglasses, appeared in the courtroom. The judge initially believed that it was a violation of an agreement the club had made to only have two of its members in the courtroom at a time, but learned that two of the visitors were from other motorcycle clubs.

Carter, who noted that 40 to 50 Mongol members attended some pretrial hearings, said anyone has a right to watch the trial. But he also made clear that for every member of the Mongol’s who attends, he will have an equal number of U.S. Marshal’s in the courtroom.

“You can have 50 people in here, but I’ll match them,” Carter warned the clubs leaders. “My jury is not going to be intimidated.”

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

High Speed Motorcycle Chase Leads To Arrest

Cops Suspect He is a Warlocks MC Member

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC (June 27, 2017) — A suspected Warlocks Motorcycle Club member with a lengthy record was arrested after a high speed pursuit, according to the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office.

Jody Fogle was arrested after a high speed chase on Interstate 20, according to Sheriff Jim Matthews.

Matthews had just completed a traffic stop when he said he saw a motorcycle approaching him from behind at a high rate of speed.

The motorcycle was being driven by Fogle and Matthews was able to determine that the motorcycle was traveling at 101 mph. Matthews then attempted to make a stop by activating his blue lights and siren.

Fogle didn’t stop, however, but increased his speed to about 104 mph and continued eastbound on I-20 before exiting at the rest area on I-20 between US 601 and US 521.

He was ultimately taken into custody coming out of the rest rooms at the rest area. Fogle was carrying several knives and a set of brass knuckles when arrest, according to Matthews. He was wearing “Warlocks” colors when arrested and investigators are currently attempting to determine if he is a validated “Warlocks” outlaw motorcycle club member.

Jody Fogle

Fogle has an extensive criminal history and has been arrested in the past for multiple DUI’s, multiple simple assault and battery offenses, multiple offenses of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, disorderly conduct, violation of probation, accessory after the fact of a felony, multiple offenses for marijuana possession, multiple offenses for driving under suspension, contempt of circuit court, contempt of family court, possession of cocaine/meth, reckless driving, multiple offense for failure to stop for a blue light, possession of a firearm by convicted violent felon and speeding more than 25mph over limit.

Fogle is now facing charges of speeding 104 in a 70, habitual offender, DUS 3rd offense and failure to stop for a blue light (3rd offense). He is currently being detained at the Kershaw County Detention Center awaiting a bond hearing.

SOURCE: Watch Fox57