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Chosen Few MC

Chosen Few MC - Gary, Indiana

Hemp Seed Helmet

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Waco: Police Opened Fired On Bikers Witnesses Say

Police Surround Twin Peaks In Waco Texas Following Biker Massacre

WACO, Texas – Several reliable witnesses that were at Twin Peaks on May 17th during a scheduled meeting of the Confederation of Clubs (Co)0 said they heard a few pistol shots and then came a barrage of semi-automatic gunfire. But law enforcement authorities including Waco police spokesman W. Patrick Swanton still have not said how many of the nine dead and 18 wounded were the result of police gun fire.

W. Patrick Swanton covering up the Waco biker slaughter by Law Enforcement

Police have identified only one assault weapon, a semi-automatic gun among the firearms confiscated from bikers, and that was found in a locked car after the shooting ended. The gun was brand new and still in the original box. Law enforcement insist that the bikers started shooting in a "Biker Brawl That Turned Violent" but three witness that are military veterans with extensive weapons training tell a different story.

Law Enforcement only found one assault weapon, it was new & still in the box 

What the Witnesses had to say:

1. Navy Veteran Steve Cochran, a member of the Sons of the South Motorcycle Club, pulled into the parking lot facing the Twin peaks patio minutes before the shooting began. He was there to help set up for the meeting of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents. “I heard one pistol shot. All the rest of the shots I heard were from assault rifles,” said Cochran, who took cover behind a crane about 30 yards away.

2. Marine veteran William English said he heard a couple of shots from a small caliber weapon followed by “a rapid succession of shots from what sounded to me like an assault rifle.” English said the shots came from the Twin Peaks patio as he and his wife approached the building. They and other members of their Distorted Motorcycle Club took cover on the opposite side of the patio.

3. Former Army and Coast Guard officer Ron Blackett is also a Confederation of Clubs and Independents Leader reported hearing one or two pistol shots followed by a blast of assault rifle fire.

Aftermath of Biker Massacre by Law Enforcement

As of this writing, more than 100 of the 170 people arrested are still in custody and cannot give their eyewitness accounts. Just by being at Twin peaks, nearly all of those arrested were charged with engaging in organized crime, a felony. About 65 people had bonded out with more to follow, but those with the best views of what happened still remain in jail and cannot talk.

 Swat Team at the Entrance of Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas after Shooting Bikers


“We have nothing whatsoever to hide,” Waco police spokesman W. Patrick Swanton

Larry Karson, a retired Customs Service agent who is an assistant professor of criminal justice at the University of Houston Downtown, said police owe the public an explanation.

“Unlike the Waco siege of the Branch Davidians, with a lack of sympathy for outlaw bikers, there is little pressure by the public or the media on the department for more transparency in the investigative process,” he said. “The public is only offered a police version of events or a blue wall of silence.”

Theory: Pre-Planned By law Enforcemet
Screen shot of Steve Cook's Twitter Page. Steve is the Executive Director of the Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association. Seen here selling T-Shirts at the Waco Texas Twin Peaks Sports Bar March 30th according to his twitter feed.This was almost 2 months prior to the police massacre. 

 His Twitter Page is linked Here
 His Midwest Gang Task Force Unit has scheduled a Training Session on June 15-18 in Waco Texas called
"Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs Organized Crime On Wheels"

The page link with the schedule is linked HERE
Sundays Rally:
A rally to support those still in jail is planned for Sunday in Waco. Large groups of bikers are planning to meet at 8 a.m. Sunday at the Sam’s Club at 2301 E Waco Dr, Waco and ride around Waco before meeting in front of the courthouse.

( News Source- Star Telegram | CtvNews | WacoTrib )

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/crime/article23286006.html#storylink=cpy

Friday, June 5, 2015

WACO: Bond amount based on Club Affiliation

 The Twin Peaks shooting has moved from the parking lot to the courtroom

WACO--A small group of bikers arrested in the deadly shooting wanted the judges to be removed from the case, but their request has been denied. The bikers' lawyer filed a motion to recuse the judges, arguing they couldn't be fair and impartial since they set their bonds so high, and he says proper procedures weren't followed.
"Before now, none of the material facts have been stated in open court and you've got an utterly defective charging instrument to me that shows a lack of impartiality," said Adam Reposa, defense attorney for the group of bikers asking for the judges' removal.
On Thursday, the nine bikers Reposa represents came together to try to have the judges in their cases removed.

The "impartiality" of 54th District Court Judge Matthew Johnson, and 19th District Court Judge Ralph Strother, is what's being questioned since the two issued $1,000,000 for arrested bikers and are now in charge of reducing some of those bonds.
Reposa said the bikers' bonds are being reduced based on their motorcycle association.
"If you're a biker for Jesus you get $25,000, if you're related to other motorcycle clubs you get $100,000 or $250,000," said Reposa.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Biker Rights Organizations Ignoring Waco

Massacre at Twin Peaks on May 17th, 2015
Our fellow bikers are locked up in Waco, Texas on false charges & we wonder where the hell are the Attorneys & Rights groups that eagerly took money for "Protecting Our Rights" are doing about getting them out..ABATE, NCOM the MRF & the rest of the so-called motorcycle organizations are silent..They need to put up or shut the hell up..Are you pissed yet?..we surely are..~Biker Trash Network..

The Main Stream News Media are starting to wise up..
When her husband was arrested after a shootout at a biker club gathering at a Twin Peaks restaurant here May 17, Sheree Clendennen figured security camera video would soon clear him. “At first I just thought they’re going to take all these guys, look at the video, see who’s innocent and let all these guys go,” said Clendennen, 29, of nearby Hewitt. “Then Week 2 it was like, ‘Oh my gosh -- they’re not letting people go. They don’t care what’s on the video’,” she said of police, “With all of the security cameras and all of them out in the parking lot watching what went on, there is no reason all of these guys should have been held so long.”

But 17 days later, of the 177 people arrested in connection with the shooting that killed nine and wounded more than a dozen, 143 remain jailed this week, many on $1-million bond. Some face at least a month long wait for a bond-reduction hearing, and attorneys say it’s unlikely their clients will post bail. They have been arraigned but have not been formally charged. Prosecutors have 90 days to present a case to indict to a grand jury before those in custody are entitled to reduced bonds.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What is a 1%er?

How it all started

"By wearing the one percenter patch, they're acknowledging they have a criminal connection
 - Police Inspector Budd
The 1% tag relates to an indecent that happened in America in 1947. There were some hi-jinks at a motorcycle rally in Hollister. It was pretty mild; a few people got drunk and rowdy. The media afterward staged photos to publish with sensationalized story. In response, the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) issued a statement that said 99% of motorcyclist were good upstanding citizens and the others, the troublemakers, would be barred from membership in the association.

Some motorcyclist jokingly stated that they were in the other 1% and went off to start their own clubs. Therefore, the 1% symbol means only that they identify themselves as the rowdy bikers who the AMA outlawed from AMA membership. There is no connection between the 1% tag and organized crime. Some clubs wear the AMA patch upside down in protest of being forced by the 1%er's

In order to designate themselves as an outlaw club to all other clubs, the one percenters cut their club patches into three separate pieces. The top rocker was the name of the club, the center was the emblem of the club, and the bottom rocker was the local from which they came.  These outlaw motorcycle clubs put on their own events and parties and did the opposite of what the AMA had been doing. There were no Best Dressed awards, they “chopped” down their bikes to go faster and look different, rode with no mufflers, they would drink, and do other “wild” things. Such is history.

Drifters MC

Drifters MC - Cleveland Ohio Chapter


FTW..stands for 'Fuck The World'..NOT forever two wheels or any other fucking lame ass politically correct meaning....Back before Easyriders Magazine went to fucking shit and went mainstream to sell more copies at the grocery stores, FTW was on the inside cover for several years. That's a fact..
~Biker Trash Network

Ain't this the truth....

"When we do wrong no one forgets - When we do right no one remembers "
~Quote by Hells Angel Sonny Barger


Never Rat On Your Brothers..

You learned the two greatest thing in life, never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut. ~Quote from the 1990 Movie "Goodfellas"

Monday, June 1, 2015

Attorneys battle over litigation waiver rumors

We have a safe bet and we have a reason to believe a lot of paper work at the Waco Sheriff's Office and at the The District Attorneys Office along with emails and other documents e-mail’s are being deleted as we post this. ~Biker Trash Network

A Houston attorney’s media release alleging jailed bikers were being forced to waive their rights to sue the city and county is false, but the controversy it created has that lawyer squaring off with a Waco attorney over the rumors.

Houston attorney Paul C. Looney and Waco attorney Brittany Lannen claim each other is responsible for rumors spreading like wildfire among the jailed bikers, their families and friends and on social media that the bikers were being told they needed to waive their rights to sue the city of Waco or McLennan County in exchange for bond reductions.
Looney’s Sunday media release accused McLennan County officials, including those in the “public defenders office,” of this “scurrilous activity.” McLennan County has no public defenders office. “I’ve never seen anything like the lawlessness that the authorities have perpetrated on these people, and now to add insult to injury, they are trying to cover their own tracks in exchange for bond,” Looney claimed in his Sunday statement.
But State District Judges Matt Johnson and Ralph Strother, who have approved bond reductions recently for at least 25 of the bikers, say Looney’s assertion is not true. Also, attorneys who have negotiated bond reductions with the district attorney’s office said there was no such provision in the agreements they reached to secure their clients’ releases.

As the judges and fellow attorneys discounted Looney’s statements, he issued another press release Monday, pointing his finger at local attorney Lannen as the source of the waiver rumors. In that second statement, Looney talked of how cooperative and “quite helpful” the judges and DA’s office were in helping secure reduced bonds for his two clients.

“It has been determined the district attorney’s office was not involved in yesterday’s attempt to get defendants to waive their rights of litigation in exchange for bonds,” Looney said. “That entire debacle was orchestrated by McLennan County private attorney Brittany Lannen. Her behavior in this matter is bizarre, unprofessional, unethical and unappreciated by all of the attorneys representing defendants, by the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office and by the McLennan County court staff.”

Looney told the Tribune-Herald he first heard of the supposed waivers after Lannen called him “and tried to get me to go along with her scheme.” “My client had already been approached by other people inside the jail about this waiver,” Looney said. “She said attorneys could get the bikers out quickly, the DA’s office supports the idea — which they didn’t, by the way — and that everyone should say that they were treated fairly.”

Lannen denies the accusations and said she first heard of the waivers from Looney’s media release on Sunday. She called his claims “reprehensible.”

She provided a statement from her Valley Mills firm, DLW Law, which said: “This mythical waiver was brought to our attention by a post from Mr. Looney. No client of DLW Law has signed such a waiver and no such waiver will ever be presented by DLW Law. We are unaware of any other defendants who have signed such a waiver. No one from this office has seen this waiver and has no knowledge as to who drafted it and whether it even exists.”

Looney promised to report Lannen’s behavior to the State Bar of Texas. Susan Criss, a former state district judge from Galveston who represents three of the jailed bikers, said she also plans to file a bar grievance against Lannen for reportedly suggesting the bikers sign a waiver of litigation. “That is just way out of line,” Criss said.

  ( News Source -WacoTrib | Looney & Conrad Facebook )