Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Pagan's MC Lawsuit Against Drunk Cops Goes to Trial

Pittsburgh, PA, USA (July 17, 2024) - A bar fight in Pittsburgh between undercover cops and members of the Pagan's Motorcycle Club in 2018 will finally be reviewed in court now that a civil suit brought by the Pagan's MC has been approved by a federal judge. The Pagan's MC are accusing the cops of excessive force, false imprisonment, and malicious prosecution after a confrontation in a bar suddenly degenerated into violence caused by cops who had been drinking for hours.

The city of Pittsburgh wanted the lawsuit completely shut down, and argued for its dismissal. However, surveillance footage that captured the fight convinced a federal judge that the Pagan's MC had a valid point. In a video, a member of the Pagan's MC, Frank Deluca, can be seen arguing with one of the cops. Words are exchanged, there is no audio and Deluca pushes the undercover cop. The other three cops leap into the fray, and hold Deluca against the bar while another man repeatedly beats him and punches him in the face.

Deluca was punched 26 times in the two minute fight and suffered facial and cranial trauma as well as a dislocated elbow. He was then arrested. A month after the fight, the Allegheny District Attorney's Office announced it was dropping its charges against the Pagan's, citing new evidence, the bar's surveillance footage. According to the court documents, earlier in the evening four undercover Pittsburgh cops — Detectives David Honick, Brian Burgunder, David Lincoln and Brian Martin — were drinking at Kopy's Bar on the city's South Side while conducting surveillance on a suspected drug dealer.

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After the target of their investigation left, the cops began pounding drinks; one officer had 15 doubles of liquor, and the other three had 20, 15, and nine drinks, respectively, according to the lawsuit. “When they determined that the subject was not going to return to the bar because he had left, the officers should have just gotten up and left. They didn’t,” Beth Pittinger of the Pittsburgh Citizens Police Review Board said. “They were preparing to leave, but the members of the Pagan's Motorcycle Club walked in, so they decided to stay.”

According to the lawsuit, the cops and the bikers were initially getting along well, and one of the cops even bought shots for two of the bikers. At some point during the evening, the cops began to suspect that their cover had been blown, which allegedly put them all on edge. According to Pittinger, it is unclear why the cops came to that belief. “There was an assumption made that one of the patrons had or I don't even know if this is accurate, it's still a bit elusive to me that a patron had disclosed to the Pagan's MC that the four detectives were actually police officers,” she said.

According to both the testimony of those involved in the brawl and a criminal complaint filed after the fight, Martins revealed that he and his other companions were police. A report from the Pittsburgh Citizens Police Review Board released in 2021 theorized that Martin may have been trying to deescalate a conflict between the bikers and the police by telling the men they were actually law enforcement. Dietz said that city's lack of guidelines regarding undercover police alcohol consumption will be a major issue at the trial. No start date has been set.

Monday, July 15, 2024

Outlaws MC leave for a funeral

Accompanying note with photograph: "A group of Outlaws leave their campsite at Woodville, Fla., early Wednesday afternoon, and begin their journey at Bristol, Fla., where funeral services for slain member Leonard Henderson, 29, better known as "Terry the Terrible," will be held Wednesday at 4:00PM."

Leonard "Terry the Terrible" Henderson was murdered with several others on July 4, 1979 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Cops issue hundreds of tickets at HAMC event

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (July 15, 2024) - The Lethbridge Police Service issued 194 tickets and made a dozen arrests in response to a couple of events that brought an influx of people and vehicles into Lethbridge over the weekend.

One of those was a gathering of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and many of their supporters, who were in town to celebrate the opening of a new Lethbridge clubhouse. The other was the annual Street Machine Weekend, a celebration of cars and car culture.

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Police monitoring of the Street Machine event resulted in 10 arrests, and a another two people were arrested at the Hells Angels gathering. Police issued 154 tickets, mostly for stunting and equipment violations, at the Street Machine event, while 40 tickets, most for careless driving, speeding and failing to stop at stop signs or red lights, were written in relation to the Hells Angels MC gathering.

Five impaired drivers were removed from the road and two roadside sanctions were given to drivers with a blood-alcohol level above .05 at the Street Machine event. Fifty Hells Angels MC members or their associates were removed from licensed establishments under the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act.

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Outlaws MC welcomed in Vermont city for gathering

Rutland, Vermont, USA (July 14, 2024) - Rutland, a small city in Vermont with less than 20,000 people is preparing for a visit from the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. City officials say the Outlaws MC is holding its national meet at the Vermont state fair grounds starting Thursday.

While the local news is pushing that the Outlaws MC is on multiple Federal watchlists with ties to organized crime, Rutland’s mayor doesn’t believe any issues will come up during the group’s time in the Marble City, he says it’s better to be prepared.

“Any motorcycle club coming to Rutland to celebrate, to do something at the fair grounds, I think that’s awesome,” Rutland mayor Mike Doenges said. “I think its great that people want to participate. You look at things like Daytona Bike Week or Laconia and those are great economic drivers for those communities."

"Those communities are prepared for those things though, this is the first time we’ve had something like this in Rutland of this size.” Mayor Doenges says the city is looking at additional law enforcement staffing from July 18th to the 20th.

Friday, July 12, 2024

HAMC member at Berkeley protest in 1965

Photo of Michael H. Walter dated October 16, 1965. Michael was a member of the Oakland charter of the Hells Angels motorcycle club. Michael was taken into custody by Berkeley police officers after breaking through police lines.

He reportedly tore down a placard and battled some of the Vietnam protest marchers in Berkeley. A police officer was seriously injured in the melee and Michael was jailed.
Photograph: Anonymous

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Local police warns public of Hells Angels MC arrival

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (July 11, 2024) - The Lethbridge Police Service will be joined by officers from law enforcement agencies across Alberta and Canada as members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club come to the city. It is expected that a large number of Hells Angels MC members and their supporters will arrive in the city on July 12. The police is asking the public to be aware of the significant increase in motorcycle traffic and share the road safely.

Police are informing the public that members of a new Hells Angels charter in Lethbridge, their support clubs and others, are holding a grand opening party and are anticipated to ride during various events over the weekend. LPS Acting Inspector Pete Christos says as many as 200-300 members are expected to take part in this weekend’s events, but most are from out of town and will likely leave afterward.

LPS will be joined by the RCMP, ALERT Integrated Gang Enforcement Team, Calgary Police Service, Edmonton Police Service, Medicine Hat Police Service, Taber Police Service, Camrose Police Service and other Canadian police agencies for the day. 

Christos says, “It has been well documented that many outlaw motorcycle gang members, their friends and associates, are involved in criminal activity, we will be working with our policing partners to monitor their presence, deter illegal activity and maintain public safety through an overt police presence.” He is telling the public to enjoy their weekend as normal, but if you encounter a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, do not engage with them. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Alleged One Order MC member faces gun charges

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (July 10, 2024) - A man and a woman are facing more than a dozen firearms-related charges each after investigators executed a search warrant last month. The OPP-led Biker Enforcement Unit (BEU) seized ammunition, two firearms, One Order Motorcycle Club vests and two cellphones on June 21.

Police said one of the individuals arrested is a member of the One Order Motorcycle Club. The One Order Motorcycle Club includes former street gang members and has had a close association with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, Det. Insp. Scott Wade from the BEU said.

The BEU, a joint forces unit led by the OPP’s organized crime bureau, says its mandate is to “disrupt and dismantle organized crime groups” and to lessen the criminal activities of what they call “Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.” Police say motorcycle gang members often take part in illegal, profit-driven activities like drug trafficking, extortion, intimidation and murder.

The 49-year-old man and a 46-year-old woman from Etobicoke are each facing 15 charges, including unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose and possession of a firearm obtained by crime. They are both scheduled to appear in court next month and have been released from custody.

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Alleged Vagos MC leaders arrested in raid

Bakersfield, California, USA (July 3, 2024) - The alleged president and sergeant at arms of the Antelope Valley chapter of the Vagos Motorcycle Club have been arrested on suspicion of multiple weapons offenses. John Anderson, the alleged president, and Ulisses Navarette, the alleged sergeant of arms, were arrested this week.

According to sheriff’s officials, deputies on June 14, 2024 received reports of Vagos MC members harassing customers at a business in Tehachapi. Deputies searched Navarette’s home and allegedly located several Vagos MC jackets, one with a loaded gun in a pocket. Investigators allegedly found another gun hidden in a motorcycle, a fully automatic machine gun and a 40mm launcher.

One of the jackets had a MC patch identifying Navarette as the clubs sergeant of arms. Anderson was arrested at home in Rosamond. Navarette is scheduled for a court hearing Friday in Mojave. Anderson is due in court Monday.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Gypsy Joker MC San Francisco

Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club in San Francisco, California 
Photo by: Alain Dister cir. 1968

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Government goes after Bandidos Motorcycle Club

Copenhagen, Denmark (April 10, 2024) Today, Denmark’s government said that it wants a court to formally dissolve the Danish chapter of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, because of violence. Under Denmark’s constitution, an organization that promotes or incites violence can be dissolved by court order, meaning that it would be illegal for the group to have clubhouses, hold meetings or wear their insignias.

“The freedom of association was not created to protect vicious criminals,” Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard said at a news conference Wednesday, adding that the Bandidos had engaged in especially “brutal behavior.”

The Danish chapter of the Bandidos MC was created in 1993. Three years later, a feud between them and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club broke out in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, ending with 11 dead and nearly 100 wounded. In recent years, members of the Bandidos MC in Denmark have been jailed for murder, attempted murder, assault and drug-related crimes. On Tuesday, two members of the Bandidos MC were sentenced to 13 years each for a murder south of Copenhagen. Three other people linked were sentenced up to two years for gross violence in connection with the assault.

Hummelgaard said the government would seek a dissolution order against the Bandidos MC and that other similar organized groups could also face dissolution. “I would like to have them all banned if it is legally possible,” he said. The head of the Danish police’s National Special Crime Unit, Lasse Boye, told broadcaster DR that the Bandidos were the largest and “most violent” group in Denmark, and that the group has been "expanding very significantly in recent years.”

Friday, April 5, 2024

Mongols MC members sentenced to federal prison

Nashville, Tennessee, USA (April 5, 2024) - After years of investigations, the last associate of the Clarksville chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club was sentenced to federal prison Wednesday after the Mongols were federally prosecuted for RICO conspiracy, murder, kidnapping, large-scale drug trafficking, money laundering and other crimes. James Hines, 47, was sentenced to 10 years and 10 months, said Henry C. Leventis, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee in a U.S. Attorney's Office media release Wednesday. All 18 of the defendants’ crimes stemmed from their involvement with the Clarksville chapter, and Hines was the last remaining defendant to be sentenced.

Authorities said in early 2015, some of the defendants were looking to transition from another motorcycle club and established the Clarksville chapter because, at the time, the Mongols did not occupy any territory in Tennessee. To show loyalty to the Mongols, those defendants committed a drive-by shooting and burned down the Sin City Motorcycle Club’s clubhouses in Clarksville and Nashville, according to investigators.

On May 22, 2015, the Mongols reportedly kidnapped and murdered a young mother because they thought she had stolen narcotics, money, and guns, and had knowledge about the items being stolen. She also reportedly spoke negatively to other people about the Mongols. On the day she was murdered, the Clarksville chapter reportedly kidnapped her at gunpoint and drove her to an area behind a secluded cemetery where they shot her. Her body was recovered more than a year after she was murdered, according to the DOJ.

The Mongols also allegedly engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity from 2015-2018. During that span, officials said the Mongols engaged in various crimes. In an effort to establish themselves as the area’s dominant motorcycle club, members of the Clarksville chapter, with help from Mongols MC members in California, participated in large-scale drug trafficking and money laundering activities; the members from California reportedly supplied the Clarksville chapter with over 50 pounds of almost 100% pure methamphetamine worth about $1 million to distribute around Tennessee and Kentucky, according to court documents.

SOURCE: U.S. Attorney's Office, Middle District of Tennessee

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Hells Angels MC members arrested following investigation

Quebec City, Canada (March 28, 2024) - Two members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club were arrested Wednesday following a drug-trafficking investigation in the Quebec City region. In a release, the Sûreté du Québec said the two Hells Angels were arrested along with 14 other people following an investigation by the National Organized Crime Repression Squad (ENRCO). The probe began in 2021.

“The arrests of the 14 men and two women, aged between 22 and 62, took place in Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, St-Étienne-des-Grès, Quebec City, La Pocatière, Ste-Brigitte-de-Laval, St-Férréol -les-Neiges, Vallée Jonction, Lévis and Saint-Bernard,” the SQ wrote in the release.

The two Hells Angels who were arrested are Marc Roberge of Stoneham et Tewkesbury, and Mario Auger, of St-Étienne-des-Grès. Both men are named in an arrest warrant issued from the Quebec City courthouse. They each face six charges in all, including committing a crime for the benefit of a criminal organization, conspiracy to traffic in drugs, trafficking in GHB, cocaine and methamphetamine, and possession of money that came from a crime.

Auger is a Buddhist and has been a member of the Hells Angels since 1998.

Since the start of this investigation, roughly 40 search warrants were carried out. Police seized more than $585,000 in Canadian money, two kilograms of cocaine, more than 550 litres of GHB and several weapons.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Man indicted in death of Bandidos MC members

La Marque, Texas, USA (March 20, 2024) - A man reached a plea agreement for his role in a deadly shooting involving members of the the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, nearly two years later. On Monday, Anthony Miles was sentenced to 50 years in prison after being indicted for capital murder and pleading guilty to murder.

Investigators said the series of events happened on May 15, 2022, when Miles and a co-conspirator, Marvkese Crawford, plotted to rob Audry Eugene Wayne Fuller III, and Jarrod Lee Clark. Miles and Crawford lured Fuller, a member of the Bandidos MC, and Clark, a Bandidos MC prospect, by pretending to buy drugs from them at a home in La Marque.

According to the Galveston District Attorney's Office, Crawford drew a weapon, prompting Fuller and Clark to do the same. Crawford, Fuller, and Miles were all struck by bullets during the shootout, according to officials.

Investigators said Crawford died while running through the backyard, and Clark dragged Fuller out of the house and drove him to a hospital, where he died. At the plea hearing Monday, Crawford and Fuller's mothers and grandmothers told the court how the loss of their sons has affected the family and community.

After the hearing, La Marque Police Detective Matthew Cypert said he was "glad to bring to justice all involved parties. We could not have solved the puzzle without all officers, investigators, forensic scientists, and experts involved." Clark still faces charges of narcotics trafficking and tampering with evidence.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Motorcycle Club Runs Continued


Large group of Motorcycle Club members rolling down the road  

Outlaws Motorcycle Club member killed

Bucyrus, Ohio, USA (March 19, 2024) - The Bucyrus Police Department responded to a call at the 800 block of South Highland Avenue regarding a shooting. Upon reaching the scene, law enforcement officers discovered the body of Guilianno Yamani inside a house, used by the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, due to an apparent gunshot wound.

Yamani, a member of the Outlaws MC, was identified as the victim and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) was summoned to aid in processing the crime scene and collecting crucial evidence. In addition, 27-year-old Zachary Cole, another member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, was arrested on charges of tampering with evidence related to the shooting.

Following the discovery, Yamani’s body was transferred to the Lucas County Coroner’s office for further examination through an autopsy procedure. The Bucyrus Police Department has taken charge of the ongoing investigation into this case.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Pagan's MC members arrested after bar fight

Key West, Florida, USA (March 5, 2024) - Four Florida Keys men were arrested March 2 after a fight on Big Pine Key that started over a T-shirt, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. The scuffle happened at the Boardwalk Bar and Grill on Big Pine. Three of the men arrested belong to the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club, the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

Arrested was Derek Queen of Key West, Anthony Eliopulos of Ramrod Key and David Mirth of Big Pine. The arrests came after deputies said Jeffrey Jones, of Key West, was at the restaurant’s bar wearing a black T-shirt with white lettering that reads, “Support Your Local Outlaws.” Three Pagan's MC members showed up and proceeded to forcibly walk Jones outside the restaurant and hold him against his will.

No one connected with the fight, even the restaurant’s management, wanted to cooperate with law enforcement. The alleged victim, Jones, repeatedly tried to leave the scene despite deputies warning him to stay put. After 11 warnings from deputies, Jones tried once more to leave. Deputies put him in handcuffs and arrested on a charge of obstructing a criminal investigation.

All four were still locked up at the county jail on Stock Island the day after the fight. But Jones was released in the afternoon without having to post bond. The Pagan’s MC members each have bonds set at $150,000.

MCSO detectives had to reach out for help from the Drug Enforcement Administration to view the restaurant’s security video because they said the management refused to hand it over. So detectives obtained a federal subpoena for the video and that prompted management to release it.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Hells Angels MC member in custody after bar fight

Cedar Lake, Indiana, USA (February 18, 2024) - An Indianapolis, Indiana man is locked up in jail after fleeing a Cedar Lake bar and resisting arrest on Valentine’s Day. Cedar Lake Police were called to Town Club Tavern on Lake Shore Drive, for a man fighting with other customers.

When they arrived, witnesses said the man, Timothy Berry, started arguing with them after bragging he’s with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. While verbally arguing with the patrons, Berry started throwing barstools and then pulled out the hair of one patron.

Berry left, then returned with a snow shovel and swung it at the same customers before fleeing the bar, leaving behind a tennis shoe and his debit card. Officers later found Berry at a residence in the 13000 block of Fulton Street, where he refused to leave. 

A juvenile then ran from the residence to the officers, who confirmed Berry was the only other person inside. Northwest Regional SWAT was notified, and negotiators convinced Berry to leave without incident, Fishers said. Berry was transported to the Lake County Jail, where he is being held on charges.

Monday, January 29, 2024

HAMC members charged in murder conspiracy

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (January 29, 2024) - The U.S. Justice Department announced charges Monday against an Iranian national and two Canadians, including members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, for allegedly plotting to assassinate an Iranian defector living in Maryland.

The indictment unsealed in federal court in Minnesota is at least the third Iran-based murder-for-hire plot prosecuted by the Justice Department since 2022. The targets in the previous cases were former U.S. national security adviser John Bolton and a New York-based Iranian-American journalist.

Prosecutors say the latest alleged plot was orchestrated by an Iranian national, Naji Sharifi Zindashti, but the indictment does not accuse the Iranian government of directing the scheme.

SOURCE: Indictment   

Friday, January 26, 2024

New trial in Outlaws MC murder case

Joliet, Illinois, USA (January 26, 2024) - A Will County judge granted a defense motion for a new trial in a case in which a jury found a man guilty of killing a woman at the Joliet Outlaws clubhouse. Judge Dave Carlson based his decision on the “cumulative effect” of all the errors by prosecutors and himself in the 2022 trial.

In 2022, a jury found Boshears guilty of killing Katie Kearns, 24, in 2017 at the Outlaws clubhouse in Joliet Township. The jury also found Boshears guilty of concealing her homicidal death from authorities by stowing her body at a barn in Kankakee County. An investigation by the Will County Sheriff’s Office led to the arrest of Boshears in 2017.

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Carlson said he was not going to grant Boshears an acquittal – which would have overturned the jury’s verdict – but he would order a new trial based on what he considered the volume of errors committed during the trial.

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Hells Angels MC member has day parole suspended

Nova Scotia, Canada (January 25, 2024) - The Parole Board of Canada has suspended day parole for Dean Kelsie, a suspected Hells Angels Motorcycle Club hitman, because he was allegedly intimidating co-workers. Kelsie has been serving a life sentence since March of 2003 for second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. He has received additional convictions for assaults he committed while in prison.

Kelsie allegedly shot and killed Sean Simmons in the lobby of an apartment building in Dartmouth, N.S., in October 2000. Kelsie was one of four men accused of the killing, which was supposedly ordered by a Hells Angel member who was upset that Simmons had an affair with his wife. His journey through the justice system has been long and complicated and included a ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada that reduced his conviction to second-degree murder from first-degree murder.

He was first granted day parole in 2021, and that has been renewed in six-month increments since then. Family and friends of Simmons remain opposed to Kelsie's release and have made submissions to that effect, including one earlier this month. But Kelsie's latest problems stem from allegations he resorts to aggressive and threatening behavior when he becomes angry or impatient.

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The parole board cited a confrontation at Kelsie's workplace in October, "According to the foreman supervisor, the conflict lasted three days and during which several phone calls from your co-worker were received to report that you had been threatening him and that he feared for his safety."

Police laid three charges of uttering death threats against Kelsie. Those charges are due to be heard in court in February. Kelsie's day parole suspension runs until July, at which time it will be reviewed.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Investigation of Red Devils MC members continues

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA (January 18, 2024) - The police department investigating the January 2023 death of Jonas Padilla, a member of the Pagans Motorcycle Club, are reviewing video and audio captured from cameras at the intersections of Creedmoor, Lynn and Millbrook roads. According to search warrants linked to the case, video shows Padilla being chased by five people on motorcycles and falling down an embankment into a yard.

A short time later, two people wearing motorcycle helmets walk down the hill and remove Padilla's club vest. All five people then flee on their motorcycles. The cameras show five motorcycles, one of them with female passenger, as they travel north on Creedmoor Road, make a U-turn at Lynn Road and travel back south. As the riders travel through the intersection of Creedmoor and Millbrook roads, the Padilla, on his bike, turns right onto Creedmoor Road from Millbrook Road.

The five male Red Devils MC members are visible in the video wearing the vests that identify them as members that club, according to the warrants. They dined at Bada Wings on Creedmoor Road immediately before the crimes were committed and video from the restaurant shows them using cell phones there. Police asked to search those phones as part of the investigation. 

The warrant says cameras show the group stop on Creedmoor Road, and the woman gets off the bike she's riding and walks to the Walgreens parking lot nearby. The Red Devils riders then cross over the median to again travel north on Creedmoor Road in pursuit of Padilla.

Friday, January 5, 2024

Hells Angels MC member lands in prison

Kelowna, BC, Canada (January 5, 2024) - A British Columbia Hells Angels motorcycle club member was sentenced to four years in prison after an RCMP investigation uncovered a scheme to transport drugs along the Pacific coast between California and BC. The investigation started in Kelowna in 2015, coming to a close for Vincenzo James Sansalone early last month, according to a BC RCMP news release.

Sansalone was nabbed after a 2018 search warrant and faced two charges of trafficking a controlled substance. Police said he was one of six suspects, but just four of them were charged. The investigation, initially spurred in Kelowna, was led by the BC Federal Serious and Organized Crime unit. It reached across multiple Canadian jurisdictions and American, including San Diego, Seattle and Metro Vancouver.

Investigators used undercover operations and wire taps over the course of the investigation, while also collaborating with law enforcement south of the border, according to BC RCMP. During the investigation, RCMP seized 12 kilograms of MDMA and $380,000 of cash, which police say the suspects planned to use as a down payment for 18 kilograms of cocaine.

Sansalone was sentenced to four years in prison with a lifetime firearms ban on December. 6, according to court records. Co-accused Daniel James Alexander, born in 1986, faced a more serious charge of conspiracy and was sentenced to five years imprisonment in March 2023. While Sansalone's trafficking was centered in Vancouver, according to court records, it was Alexander's conspiracy charge that implicated him in the cross-border trafficking scheme.


Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Motorcycle Clubs Continued 1-2-24

Two unidentified Bandidos MC members embrace a unidentified Hells Angels MC member
Date: Unknown

Monday, January 1, 2024

Man shot outside Outlaws MC Clubhouse

Marion, Indiana, USA (January 1, 2024) - A man ended up in critical condition after being shot in the chest early New Year’s Day in Marion.

According to the Marion Police Department, officers responded to a 911 call at 4:19 a.m. after a caller reported that someone had been shot at 1102 S. Race St. in Marion. The address points to the Outlaw Motorcycle Club, police said.

Officers found 42-year-old Charles Hill, of Kendallville, Indiana had been shot in the chest. They began life-saving aid; Hill was taken to a Marion hospital before being transferred to a Fort Wayne facility. He remained in critical condition as of Monday afternoon.

Police executed a search warrant on the property. They located several individuals and secured the location for processing. Investigators then located and collected evidence. The shooting remains under investigation.