Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cops: Outlaws Shot Rival After He Refused To Give Up Vest

LEESBURG, FL (May 24, 2017) — Motorcyclist David “Gutter” Donovan, in town for the Leesburg Bikefest, went to a Circle K gas station to buy cigarettes, but when he walked out he had a knife to his throat, arrest reports released Wednesday show.

The Outlaws MC members reportedly forced him to kneel down and then shot Donovan several times in the back April 29 after he refused to take off his Kingsmen Motorcycle Club jacket, the report said. Donovan, 41, died two weeks later.

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“The ‘Outlaws’ had been challenging several motorcycle clubs throughout Florida to either join their ranks or submit to their authority,” according to a report that sheds light on the shooting.

In what police called a coordinated attack, a group of about 15 Outlaws spread out “at strategic points” at the Circle K at 3300 W. Main St., about three miles from where Bikefest was held in downtown Leesburg. Then they told several Kingsmen MC members to strip off their “cut,” meaning their cut-off vests and club insignia.

Pictured: Marc Knotts and David Donovan 

Two suspects were arrested last week in a multi-agency operation. Marc “Knott Head” Knotts, 48, and Jesus Alberto Marrero, 35, were charged with conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping. Two other suspects, identified as Gregory “Stinky” Umphress, 32, and Miquel Angel Torres, 37, remain at large.

Police also are looking for the shooter, who has not been identified.

“The investigation is ongoing, and updates will be provided when and if they become available,” Leesburg police Lt. Joe Iozzi said.

Members of the two clubs immediately recognized one another at the Circle K that Saturday night, according to police interviews with Kingsmen MC members. But the bikers told police they didn’t feel in danger because they weren’t affiliated with any of the Outlaws’ rivals and went inside Circle K to buy cigarettes.

The Outlaws then gathered briefly in a circle before spreading out “in what appeared to be an orchestrated and deliberate manner to secure the perimeter,” sending a small group after the Kingsmen members inside the Circle K, according to investigators’ review of surveillance footage.

Police said Outlaws members told Kingsmen members to surrender their insignia, put a knife to Donovan’s throat and directed him to the outside corner of the business below a mounted security camera.

It’s a spot that police believe was “pre-selected” by the Outlaws to conceal the incident.

When Donovan refused to take off his jacket, citing club loyalty, Knotts told the Outlaws to “shoot that mother-fu**er, the report said.

The other Kingsmen ran inside the convenience store and hid behind a shelf, telling the store clerk to call 911, the report said. One member told police he opened the door and shot in the direction of the Outlaws, leaving Knotts with a bullet wound in the shoulder and thigh. Another bullet was prevented from penetrating his lower back due to Kevlar attached to his riding vest.

In a review of the surveillance footage, police said Outlaws appeared to be unhurried while making their escape on their motorcycles.

“Some members remained in place in what is perceived as a measure of security of high-ranking members making their escape,” the report said.

Knotts was found lying beside his Harley Davidson 110 feet from Donovan with a .22-caliber pistol. He was flown to a hospital and later recovered from his wounds.

On May 17, Knotts was arrested outside the Outlaws’ clubhouse in Ocala. A Leesburg detective met with Knotts at the perimeter of the clubhouse, which is fortified with walls and surveillance cameras, Iozzi said.

He asked the detective for “10 minutes to make a phone call, put boots on,” and soon after surrendered himself, Iozzi said.

The Kingsmen MC told police they were aware of an Outlaws decree that all clubs either join them or disband but “wrongly believed that they would be able to escape this movement.”

Transcripts of the 911 calls and the store’s surveillance video can’t be released because the investigation is ongoing, police said.

Watching their backs

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hells Angels MC member killed in shooting

Hells Angels member killed in Riverside gas station shooting

Riverside, California (May 22, 2017) – A member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was fatally shot at a Riverside gas station, and police are searching for his killer.

Officers responded to a call of a shooting at a Shell gas station at 3502 Adams St. in Riverside shortly before 10:30 p.m. Sunday.

A gas station employee, who made the 911 call, said the gunfire took place directly in front of gas pumps, Riverside police said.


According to authorities, five motorcyclists who appeared to be part of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club were passing through town and stopped at the gas station to fuel their motorcycles.

Suddenly, a silver four-door sedan pulled up, a passenger got out and started shooting at the group.

Two people were hit. One motorcyclist was grazed by a bullet that hit his helmet. Authorities said he will be OK.

A second motorcyclist was also struck by gunfire. Emergency crews from the Riverside Fire Department provided immediate medical aid and transported the victim to the Riverside Community Hospital, where he later died from his injuries, police said.

The coroner's office later identified him as James Duty, 31, of Orange.

After the shooting, the suspect got back in the passenger side of the sedan and the car fled westbound on the 91 Freeway.

Police are still trying to figure out why the gunman opened fire. Police do not have a description of the shooter.

"Right now, we don't know what the motive is. We are confident that these five had some type of affiliation with the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, but we're looking into where they were at. Was there some type of problem earlier? We don't know that yet," said Officer Ryan Railsback with Riverside police.

Investigators have collected surveillance video from the gas station but have yet to release the footage to the public.

Detectives from the Robbery-Homicide Unit and the Gang Intelligence Unit were investigating the incident.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Demented Rejects MC Members Arrested

Members of NC’s ‘Demented Rejects’ Motorcycle Club facing drug & gun charges

THOMASVILLE, N.C. (May 18, 2017) – After a four-month investigation, Thomasville Police arrested three members of the Demented Rejects Motorcycle Club for distributing drugs and weapons to the Piedmont Triad.

Thomasville police, Davidson County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security helped with the investigation.

On May 10, officials found 1.57 lbs. of methamphetamine, 2.01 ounces of marijuana, 17.5 grams of synthetic cannabinoid, 34 dosage units of Oxycodone, 10 firearms and $24,461 in cash.

Guns, drugs and cash were confiscated (WFMY)

Trace William Bostick, 38, Brandie Scarlett Saunder Bostick, 35, and Clifton Scott Peeler, 31, are facing multiple charges including making, possessing, transporting, and selling methamphetamine as well as possession of other drugs like LSD, synthetic cannabis, weapons, and more.
Guns, drugs and cash were confiscated

According to police, they are still looking for Adam Nicholas Badgett, 30, for charges that include possession of drugs and weapons, and having a firearm by a felon.

Man who admitted to shooting biker claims self-defense

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (May 17, 2017) BTN — The man who shot a motorcyclist in March told officers it was self-defense. Several calls flooded 911 in less than five minutes.

"Hurry. Hurry, please," one caller told dispatchers.

The caller was referring to the scene at the "Hose It" car wash near Coors and Quail. A man had just been shot three times.

Earl Roybal (Center)

One of the callers was the shooter himself.

"There was a shooting over here at the car wash. Hose It Car Wash. The guy said he had a gun. Hit me in the face. I had a gun too," he said.

Earl Roybal, 59, had just been shot. One of the people who ran to his side was Shawn Tillman. He told officers on scene that he was trained in first aid and ran over once he heard the shots.

Just minutes before the gun shots rang out, surveillance video from the car wash showed Roybal washing his motorcycle, while his girlfriend stood by his side. A black car pulled up near the front of the stall. Witnesses told police Roybal and the man from the car got into an argument.

Then you see a flash from the gun shots.

When officers detained the man who admitted to shooting Roybal, they found a gun and a knife in his pocket. But the entire time, he insisted he shot Roybal in self-defense.

"He said he had a gun. He hit me first," he said.

The Albuquerque Police Department has finished its investigation. The District Attorney's Office will now decide if the shooter should face charges or if it was self-defense.

Roybal did have a gun, but according to documents he never pulled it out.


Members of Outlaws MC arrested

Outlaws MC members arrested in fatal shooting during Bikefest 

LEESBURG, FLA  (May 17, 2017) - A multi-agency operation this morning resulted in the apprehension of two Outlaws Motorcycle Club members for their suspected involvement in a shooting that left one man dead last month three miles west of where Leesburg Bikefest was being held, police said.

Marc Edward Knotts, 48, was arrested during a calm “face-to-face” meeting with a Leesburg detective at the fences of the Outlaws motorcycle clubhouse in Ocala, Leesburg Lt. Joe Iozzi said.

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“It is a fortified location with walls around it and surveillance cameras and all they did was pull up and all Knotts did was walk up,” Iozzi said.

Knotts was shot three times in April during a confrontation with Kingsmen Motorcycle Club members at a Circle K gas station three miles west of the annual biker bash, Iozzi said. He was wearing a leather vest embedded with bullet-proof panels at the time, Iozzi said.

At the clubhouse, Knotts asked the detective for “10 minutes to put boots on and make a phone call,” which the detective allowed, Iozzi said. Knotts then “came back out and surrendered himself,” he said.

Mark Edward Knotts

He and three others were charged with conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping in the April 29 shooting of David Donovan, 41, at a Circle K gas station at 3300 W. Main St. Donovan died over the weekend from his injuries at a Sanford hospital, where he had been transferred from Leesburg Regional Medical Center for what Iozzi believes were security reasons.

Jesus Alberto Marrero, 35, was also arrested during today’s operation at an undisclosed location assisted by Lee, Volusia and Brevard county sheriff’s offices, the FBI and the Ocala Police Department.
Gregory Alan Umphress, 32, and Miquel Angel Torres, 37, who face the same charges, are still at large. Police are still trying to determine who shot Donovan, Iozzi said.

“These are nationwide Outlaws motorcycle gang members,” he said.

Outlaws MC  vest showing the Florida rocker

Pictures of Donovan’s Facebook show him wearing Kingsmen Motorcycle Club gear. Last year, 16 Kingsmen members were indicted for what the U.S. Attorney’s Office said was a “major racketeering operation.”

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Man in Leesburg MC shooting dies from injuries

LEESBURG, FLA  (May 15, 2017) - A man involved in a shooting between two motorcycle clubs at a gas station during Leesburg Bikefest last month died over the weekend, police said Monday.

David Donovan, 41, whose Facebook pictures show him wearing Kingsmen Motorcycle Club gear, died from three gunshot wounds he incurred during a shooting about 8 p.m. April 29 at a Circle K gas station at 3300 W. Main St., Leesburg police Lt. Joe Iozzi said. He said he learned of Donovan’s death Sunday morning at a Sanford hospital.

Police said the shooting started from an argument between members of the two motorcycle clubs. The Circle K is about three miles from downtown Leesburg, where the annual biker extravaganza was being held.

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Marc Knotts, 48, who was identified in a Marion County arrest report as a member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club also was shot in the back, arm and leg during the shooting and recovered from his wounds, Iozzi said.

Knotts was wearing a leather vest embedded with ballistic-proof panels, Iozzi said.

Two handguns, several ammunition magazines and weapons, such as clubs, were found at the scene, he said.

The Outlaws have 1,700 members and about 180 chapters worldwide, including in Orlando and Osceola County, according to the FBI.

In New York, 16 Kingsmen members were indicted by the U.S. attorney for its “major racketeering operation” in 2016.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hells Angels MC members arrested during traffic stop