Sunday, June 5, 2016

Police Follow Bikers on Benefit Run

Cochrane, Alberta (June 3, 2016) A group of bikers, including the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, rode through town last weekend with a heavy police presence following the bikers.

Approximately 100 riders from motorcycle clubs throughout Alberta, including Rock Riders Brotherhood, Family Jammin' MC Badlands, Veterans Canada MC Calgary, Unforgiven MC, Los Desperados MC, Calgary Chinook Riders, Apostles Motorcycle Society, and the Hells Angels MC stopped in Cochrane for ice cream Saturday.

The riders and members of the community noted the heavy police presence as RCMP from Cochrane, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Calgary Police Services – with some from the Special Tactical Operations Unit/Team – escorted the ride.

“Every year Hells Angels does a ride somewhere in Alberta and in preparation we wanted to ensure public safety. Anytime there is a large group that comes to town, there is an increased police presence and given the club’s criminal history we want to show law enforcement presence,” said Cochrane Sgt. Jeff Campbell.

A police officer monitors Bikers at the Dairy Queen in Cochrane.

Campbell said to his knowledge, the annual ride in Alberta has never resulted in any violent crimes but the RCMP like to “err on the side of caution.”

“If something does happen and we don’t have the numbers to handle the situation then we get criticized,” Campbell said.

“Our main job is to keep the peace and making sure everyone is safe and following the rules.”

While the Hells Angels MC has officially been listed as a criminal organization in Manitoba, Alberta has not given the club any formal designation.

While eating ice cream on Saturday one Hells Angels MC member jokingly asked if some called the cops on him because he just “murdered his chocolate dipped cone.”

The Eagle attempted to contact members from Hells Angels MC Southland chapter but no one was able to respond with a comment at press time.