Thursday, September 2, 2021

Alleged Club Members Involved in Bar Fight

Dundalk, Maryland, USA (September 2, 2021) - A fight between rival motorcycle clubs at an Essex bar led to the arrest of seven men, two of whom are from Dundalk, according to court records.

The men, who are allegedly members of the Pagan’s motorcycle club, were pulled over on their motorcycles on August 23, after police were dispatched to a report of a fight involving a gun at Sylvester’s Saloon in Essex, according to charging papers filed against the seven men who were arrested.

The charging papers allege nine members of the Pagan's motorcycle club beat Kenneth Burr, who was seen in surveillance footage sitting with three Pagan's motorcycle club members before one of them, later identified as Daniel Chesnavage, came around the table and struck Burr on the head.

Burr’s wife drew a pistol, according to charging papers, but she was surrounded by five alleged Pagan's motorcycle club members, one who drew a gun and another two of whom, identified as William Dickens and Christopher Beatty, allegedly pinned her down and took her pistol.

The Pagan's motorcycle club members allegedly ripped a Knights motorcycle club jacket off Kenneth Burr, as well as Roy Rockafellow and John Eacho, who each initially told police they did not know what happened, and that nothing was taken from them, charging papers say.