Friday, March 3, 2017

Hells Angels MC video help police catch suspect

Hells Angel Club House video helps catch man wanted for attempted murder

SPOKANE, WA ( March 3, 2017) – Video surveillance from multiple businesses along the Sprague corridor helped detectives find the man accused of shooting a man in the back of the head near the Bel Air Motel on January 9.

According to court documents, suspect Brice Bailey, 43, was driving erratically on Sprague Avenue just before midnight on Jan. 8. A witness told police Bailey had pulled up alongside his car, with his windows rolled down and proceeded to cut him off. The witness said the man, who he did not know, continued to drive strangely in front of him. He said Bailey turned his turn signal off and on, or merged in the wrong direction repeatedly.

Brice Bailey 

The witness said eventually he turned off Sprague and headed home to his house near 7th and Thierman. When he got out, the suspect was sitting in his car and fired in his direction, the witness said. Another witness said he was awoken by loud music coming from the suspect’s car and watched an arm exit the front passenger window of the car and fire at the first witness.

Later that night, just after midnight, Spokane Police officers responded to a call of a man being shot in the head in the area of East Sprague Avenue. A man staying at the Bel Air Motel called 911 after hearing gunshots and seeing a person lying in the middle of the motel parking lot. That witness described the same car as the witnesses in the previous shooting.

The motel guest went outside to the victim after calling 911 and saw that he had been shot in the back of the head.

SPD identified the shooting victim as Dakota Runge, 17. Runge was taken to Sacred Heart and initially listed in critical condition. As of Thursday afternoon, Runge was not listed as a patient.

Unknown Hells Angels MC Member

Police got video from the Hells Angels Club House across the street – along with other businesses in the area – and were able to track the involved car to Brice Bailey, according to court documents.

Bailey has a criminal history for theft and controlled substances, according to court documents. He was on supervision with the Washington State Department of Corrections and had recently refused to attend a mental health assessment.

“During a routine DOC visit, Bailey was slightly agitated and disturbed, and his mental health stability was a concern,” reported an officer in court documents.

Officials believe Bailey’s actions were random acts of violence. He is being held in Spokane County Jail on charges of first degree attempted murder, as well as a theft charge.