Sunday, October 16, 2022

Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Hold Food Drive

Owensboro, Kentucky USA (October 16, 2022) - Members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, Nomads Kentucky held their fifth annual food drive at Owensboro’s American Legion Saturday. As folks ate and drank in the American Legion’s bar area, Hells Angels prospects sold club merchandise at tables in a separate room. 

Out front, full patched members stood by a trailer where people could drop off their food items which will all be donated to the Help Office of Owensboro, according to a Hells Angels MC spokesman.
Photo by Greg Eans, Messenger-Inquirer

Many people need the proceeds of the Hells Angels food drive now more than ever, he said. “A lot of people are having hard times right now. Everybody knows the prices of everything are going up,” the spokesman said. The club’s reputation as an outlaw gang isn’t representative of what it is today. 

“In the 1970's, I was one-year old. I could go back and look at how the military or any organization was in the 1970's compared to what it is today,” he said. “People are going to think what they think. People who know us and have been around, know how we are and who we are.”

American Legion manager Laura Morris said it’s always a pleasure to have the bikers hold the event there. “For them to help us and help out in the community, I just can’t say enough good things about them,” said Morris.