Friday, November 22, 2019

13 charged in Hells Angels clubhouse raid

Denver, Colorado, USA (November 22, 2019) BTN — Thirteen people are accused of running an organized crime ring in Denver. District Attorney Beth McCann charged them following raids on the Denver Charter Hells Angels Club House, two tattoo shops and a business that advertises as specializing in customizing trucks, among others.

The suspects are aged 27 to 81 years old.

Federal agents raided multiple locations around the Denver area earlier this month. Agents say they seized dozens of firearms in addition to methamphetamine, cocaine, cash and passports.

Video captured by neighbor shows about 10 agents and several uniformed officers outside a building in the 3200 Block of Navajo Street, and patrol cars blocking a nearby intersection.
“The Hells Angels just got raided next to us,” a man can be heard saying in one of the video clips. “I haven’t seen a person come out.”

The district attorney’s office say the people accused face charges of assault, kidnapping, robbery, motor vehicle theft and chop shop activity.

Neighbors told CBS4 they heard flash bangs as the agents went into the home but things quieted down fairly quickly after that.

ATF Special Agent David Booth had confirmed that some of the individuals “have ties to motorcycle gangs.” He said at least two motorcycle clubs were involved.

Top row, from left: Jason P. Sellers, Michael J. Dire, Jared B. Orland, Clinton Williams. Middle row, from left: William “Kelly” Henderson, William “Curly” E. Whitney, Justin A. Wright, Peter M. Baron. Bottom row, from left: Dominic P. Robichaud, Adam Mulcahy, Jimmy Salazar, Derek A. Beste

The names of the accused are:

Jason P. Sellers, 44
Michael J. Dire, 74
Jared B. Orland, 47
Clinton Williams, 45
William “Kelly” Henderson, 42
William “Curly” E. Whitney, 81
Justin A. Wright, 35
Peter M. Baron, 30
Dominic Robichaud, 47
Dustin Ullerich, 47
Adam Mulcahy, 27
Jimmy D. Salazar, 44
Derek A. Beste, 30
Jerome J. Guardiola, 35, remains at large

Investigators said raids took place in Denver, the metro area, Colorado Springs, and Weld County. They said the raids were successful but there are still individual agents are working to locate.

Booth said the ATF was involved to coordinate the effort between state and local agencies but would say the specific nature of the crimes being investigated.