Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Former Hells Angels president dies after being hit by car

Porirua, New Zealand  (March 28, 2018) BTN — Former Hells Angels president Shane Bullock has died after he was hit by a car while riding his motorbike in Porirua, New Zealand.

He was rushed to hospital with a broken pelvis and sternum after being hit on Thursday. Though he was due to have surgery on Tuesday, he passed away on Monday morning. Bullock had been part of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club for 26 years.

Shane Bullock (middle) with son Jack and daughter Hazel - Supplied Photo

Hundreds of people are expected to flock to Whanganui for the funeral this weekend.

His son Jack said Bullock was a "big cuddly family guy" and "a big bad ass". His daughter Hazel said that she could not imagine life without him, and Jack said she was "Dad's little princess".

SOURCE: News Hub